An Incredible Year… An Incredible Now!

Maybe my word this year will be journey! Or moments! Or NOW!

I’m such a daydreamer that often I forget about the now, about the daily journey, and often look to the journey ahead… but the journey is ongoing, everyday… now!

And do I love the now! I have missed this site this past year to other journeys and adventures, which I will catch up on over time. A couple of things that kept me away…

1. Other forms of documenting. I documented in a bit of a different way last year – with a paper and pen journal! Can you believe it! Do those things still exist! Yes, they do! My goal last year was 365 days of gratitude in photos documented in a journal. I may have missed a couple of days, but hey, here’s to the gratitude of letting go a bit!

2. Work! It’s been an awesome learning curve, and one I continuously strive to get better at! I am now teaching online and loving this opportunity. I also work with some pretty spectacular individuals! And hello, let’s not forget my favorite part – the students! So much fun! I can do without the lesson planning, logistics, politics and policies (all necessary, I understand), being in the classroom, virtual, is my favorite. Lucky me!

3. Over our head home remodel! This has occupied the better half of the year! No sink or couch to sit on for about 4 months! The gratitude here is endless and I look forward to sharing more on this! Looking forward to lots of giving back, and hopefully lots of summer BBQs.

4. Other – Yeah, this is the area where I just can’t exactly pinpoint what drew me in another direction or kept me away except to say it was a multitude of things and possibilities – even though this was always there… in thought and with smiles!

Happy to be back! Funny, I always am!


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