Where’ve You Been…

So, you get a new job and the holidays come about and you disappear. Blog Sadness.

It’s been wonderful around here. Life full of awesomeness.

1. Kids rock! Almost all the time. Minus yesterday when new bats were swung in the house and favorite tea mug went flying. Other than that, kids rock!

2. Bidding on a house is super duper exciting. Even if it doesn’t work out, what an exciting process. Okay, will be more exciting if it does work out!

3. Solstice celebrations make me loopy in spirit! Either that or being at the hockey rink all day!

4. Creativity makes me smile. Every time. Really, every time! Highlights: my son practicing on his guitar, my girl gifting me a duct tape purse for the holidays, coming together as a family to make origamis suns for the solstice, cookies… hello!, designing hockey jerseys…

5. Activity is pretty awesome too! From puzzling to hiking or snowshoeing to sledding and gathering and inconsistent yoga and hockey and rock climbing — love!

6. Family: of course this list is in no particular order because this aspect is the most amazing! Crazy super lucky! And let’s note… awesomeness in friends is an extension of this!

7. Dreaming up our wildest dreams and dreaming of possibilities and realities. Thanks and gratitude for all our good fortunes.

8. Lights have to be one of my favorite parts of the season. They mesh old with new traditions and blend the solstice with x-mas and just shine with cheer.

9. Laughter makes my heart strong. I love all the silly moments of the season and year and to come!

10. I started this list with my loves and I’m going to end it with my other love. My man. He is the most amazing! Always sneaking in behind me for a kiss, always making me feel awesome, special, sexy, goofy :), and wanted and loved. I absolutely appreciate him (even through our grrrr moments)!

Happy holidays and many thoughts and smiles being sent to so many!


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