Pretzel Dogs & Football Sunday

This recipe was totally awesome! And copied!

Mini Pretzel Dogs



Now, I pretty much followed this recipe to a “T”… whatever that means! If someone knows the story behind that “T” thing, please let me know. Of course, it’s probably obvious, but whatever! I don’t know the obvious link, so please, share!

The only difference I made, yes, there is at least one difference to the recipe, was the cutting and rolling of the dogs! I cut them in half, but hen cut them in half again. I figured more is better. And I was willing to test if there would be enough dough to roll 32 mini dogs instead of 16 (a pack of 8 dogs cut in half and then sliced in half again down the middle – no longer round!). Ya know what, there was! Yeah! It was actually a perfect ratio of dough to dog.

As you can see, the kiddies took right to it. It could be the fact that I mentioned something about sharing and helping going hand in hand. They really wanted the dogs. They put forth the work! Worked for me!



Notice that cute little pumpkin in the upper left? Stinkin’ cute! I just could edit it out. That time of year! And talk of cute. I love the rolls. Mini pretzel dogs ready to boil.


Out of the oven! Some unraveled rolls. All good. This recipe, like I mentioned, AWESOME! They weren’t as crisp as I might have wished, but a very acceptable first go around. And delicious regardless.


And yeah, this is what HE did while we baked. Not even football kept his eyes open on a cozy Sunday afternoon. Well, that and he did just work 7 days straight at about 13 hour days. Snnnnoooozzzzzzze!



Happy Football Sundays

Thoughts -n- Smiles


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